In the Land of Fees

Ok. So I went to my rent office today and spoke to someone regarding my $3.40 issue. Everything went smooth. I was able to pay it and I found out what I was being charged for since I know I paid my rent. They add on a processing fee for those who do not pay with an auto draft account. I guess they have to hustle too. Anyhow, I’m doing much better today and in celebration to my cleared up circumstance here is one of my favorite songs!


Stressed Beyond Measure!!!

My title sums it all up. I’ve successfully made it back to the A without much sleep and not only am I dead dog tired ALREADY after my vacation but I am pissed because my apartment complex leaves me this welcome home letter about how I owe them three dollars and forty cents. And if I don’t pay them by Friday January 6th then I better be ready to break open my porky piggy bank because I then have to pay a $100 dollar late fee. Well here’s the problem… January 6th I was OUT OF TOWN!!!! And not once did these MO-FOES bother to call, email or smoke signal a sista to let her know she owed this change. Furthermore, big brother must be watching me from inside the bushes facing my apartment because I did not return home until late last night to receive the notice and I had to turn around to get up early this morning for work so I could not contact them during regular business hours and then when I finally remembered as I was returning home;I had another lovely note from the office on my door stating to them I owe them the FULL amount of rent and the “processing fee” is now a charge for water!!! Fishy because I paid them with an money order and I just moved it last month! They could have at least called me to make sure my body wasn’t rotting in the apartment or at least sent an email. What’s the point of asking me all of that personal information if your not going to use it. At least I would have gotten a phone call and I could have paid it over the phone. So I may have to repack my things because they are tripping! Pray for ya’ll as I am about to lose my patience which was never an issue with me before but is seeming like a new issue as I get older. Geesh!

I’m Bitter Darn It!!

No, not really but that is what I have been told I am. I’m bitter about Kim K taking all of the available Black men. I’m bitter because I am almost thirty with no marriageable prospects, I have a couple of babies daddies, and a slither of self esteem. I’m bitter because the history of racism in this county and crock docs have told me my physical appearance is less than appealing and I am bitter because I believe its true through the systematic misogyny that is pushed in my face at work, at the grocery store, and again in the media.

Wait. When do I get to decide my emotions and thoughts? Just thought I should ask…

All I wanna say…

It’s another day of firsts for me and I’ve been anticipating this event for some time; my chance to play the Michael Jackson experience. I know I am really excited to play this game and I’ve been challenged by my 12 year old sister in the high score for Thriller. In her words, “It’s like the Michael Jackson Boot Camp!”  Funny, I know and its also a good thing as another one of my goals is to lose 30 pounds this year.  Eat your heart out Billie Jean!  Image