The Time Traveling Sun Chaser

At times. I wonder.
What it would be like…
To chase the sun.

But then I realize…
I do.
Each time I look to the past.


Like my Haiku. :o)

My point is, why do we live in the past? In some other part of the world right now there are people already living in the future (like people who live in Australia) and maybe that’s where my attention should be fixed (looking ahead is something I am always doing anyway). The only problem with that line of thinking is that we miss the moments that happens right now. The ones that are taking place at this hour, at this very minute (which can be a true challenge for a dreamer).

Perhaps the answer is living in the now with a dash of expectancy while learning from the zest of the past. If I only knew how to do this consistently and mass produce it I’d be a rich woman.

I mean I definitely like to look back which is why I journal in the first place. I think it is good to know where you come from to know where you’re going. I just at times get stuck when my flux capacitor is acting up and I have to call Sam to help me out with a leap back to the future. :o) More action less dreaming for this year, which is why I attended a networking even last week and I made someone good contacts, now I need to work on my follow up! One Twilight Zone at a time my friends.

Until next time…

Adventurous Daydreamer

Happy!!! Blah… Blah… Blah…

You know the deal. So, we usually set goals, long, short and all that jazz. Not that I haven’t set any this year but I feel like the ones I have for this year are a continuation of the goals I set last.  I still plan to exercise consistently, eat better, travel more, and work towards getting out of debt and get a full-time job in the production industry (God willing). I have chosen to be positive about my life, regardless of my current situation, including my current underemployment and non-existent dating life.  I am not complaining, just making an observation.

So, let’s talk specifics.  Last year was CRAY-CRAY but I learned so much about myself. I unplugged my TV for the year; well, I briefly watched it during Thanksgiving, the gym and at other people’s houses… (DON’T YOU JUDGE ME!), moved away from my obnoxiously loud neighbors, loss an old friend while learning a lesson on why I value my boundaries, and finished some unfinished business. One that included my completion of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University class, part of a promise I made a few years ago. I’ve done quite a bit last year and I look forward to the goals that I will complete this one. 


Next on deck, working on my networking skills. I am terrible with following up but I plan to attend some upcoming networking events that will help me in conquering this short coming and finishing more of my goals for my photography business. I’m also planning to take another trip this time to the islands! I’m having beach withdrawals, so we shall see. So no funny antidotes this post but maybe next time I’ll share about my sexual fantasy exercise I took part in last year. Very funny and awkward.


Until Next Time,

~Adventurous Daydreamer~