On The Powder Keg That Is White Privilege Blended With White Guilt

I completely agree with the point made by this blogger. It is a descriptive observation and statement to how an minority may feel about voicing their American experience in a culture not accustomed to listen to the voices of the underprivileged.

The Native Son

On August 15, 2014 I left the lab to participate in Portland’s #NMOS20141. Portland held our vigil at Pioneer Courthouse Square. If you’re not familiar with Portland it’s similar to Union Square in New York. Since I really couldn’t find parking I walked into the Square towards the end of the moment of silence. There was a large circle where people of all races stood shoulder to shoulder. I did notice that about eighty percent of the crowd was Caucasians. After the moment of silence everyone came together in a large group and began telling the crowd their feelings or experiences on police brutality in regards to race.

The first thing I noticed was that most people didn’t use the bullhorn that was present so it made it kind of hard to hear most people. Shortly after I observed a middle aged white man because he had on…

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Someone Who Cares

Given the recent events of Robin Williams passing and some other notable people and that it is suicide prevention month  I’m re-sharing some friends of mine testimony of the effects of suicide and the taboo it has in the Black community. I hope it will help anyone who maybe going through hard times right now. Whether you have lost a loved one to suicide or have consider it. Your not alone and there are people who care and will listen to your concerns.