PC 101 After the Day’s Play

Bike riding in north square, was great. I tired myself. I just need to say, I am so thankful for this blessing and opportunity. 
I have learned so much about the other teachers during our first trek together, but forget PC101 abroad! 

There was a conversation right out the gate amongst the troupe about religion our first night out. It was quite interesting. I was a bit fustrated because unlike everyone else, I didn’t speak my peace. I mean I tried, but I didn’t want to get into a passionate debate with these new people I’ve just met.

I cannot help to feel like Christianity was attacked by “Christianized” people. As a person from a “Christian nation”,  it is easy to judge the religion of Christianity, because it is the most convenient, but all religion has ties to pasts and it is not always so pleasant.

 I’m still trying to wrap my mind around how the Catholic Church pushed people to change their names for education or freedom. These ways come from imperfect people from the church or of the religion. I too have been disappointed by church, but I had to make a clear delineation as to what type of Christian I wanted to be. I hear and see arguments about the validity of Christianity all the time, (because of the imperfections of other humans, but I just want to follow Christ’s example and Christ never forced his way on people. 

And just because there have been some people who have used Christianity in a bad way, (just as other religions) there are those who have used their faith foundations to change and improved the lives of others in a positive way, like how Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is one example. 

As a black man, he could have easily made the choice to reject the church and his fellow clergy leaders that did not support his work for equality.  

As a black woman, (although religion and race aren’t exactly the same topic, they are two areas that have laws which protect from discriminatory practices), I could easily write off all white people on the basis of racism, but that wouldn’t be fair to all of the White people I’ve met that aren’t racist. 
The point I am trying to make here is that if we love others the way that we say we love God and ourselves, there would be less problems in the world. Like Mother Theresa, love should be our foundation for how we treat others. 💛

Onwards East! 

I have very exciting news to share. It has been quite a journey, but also a blessing. I have been accepted into a summer teaching program and I’m in China! 

 I hope to do a great job teaching. I really want to help people grow in their English studies. As, I hope to grow in my knowledge of Chinese culture. 

Before my fellow teammates and I head to our school site, we are getting the opportunity to sightsee the historic capital of China! The great city of Xi’an, which has a nice mix of ancient charm and modern flare; things I am looking forward to exploring more of during this visit. 

So far the food in Xi’an is so delicious! I just need to adjust to the time change! There is an ancient wall that was used to protect the city and is now a big tourist attraction. It has a bike rental place where you can bike on top of the wall. I’m looking forward to the bike adventure. 😊 

I’m just so overwhelmed by the journey to get here, I was even sweating in my eyes alittle, on the plane here. lol. 

Of course I will be sharing updates when I can, but until next time… I hope you are venturing beyond your daydreams! 

~TL (An adventurous daydreamer)

Half Time

courtesy of kgmi.com/

courtesy of kgmi.com

I know it has been a minute since I’ve been on these intergalactic virtual super highway streetz but I have really been pushing for my dreams. At least once a week I am tempted to give up on my dreams, goals, and aspirations but then I think about the end of my life’s journey how sad I would be to have not at least tried for something. What is the point of dreaming then? And why desire a life of adventure? Instead I would be better off moving into a retirement home and being my parcheesi lessons.Who am I kidding? I don’t even know how to play parcheesi! SO I might as well stick to my grind on these goals because failure, although at times a fleeting thought, is not an option. I’m trying to be like Stephen Curry in this game of life.

Four days ago my car died once again and I will be unemployed praying in the temporary sense as of Saturday. God is still good though. This will allow me to be able to focus more on my photography and my efforts to get back in shape. Lol. I know everyone is going through something right now because that is how life works. We have our valleys and then we have our mountains. So in the words of a music mogul with what I believe are best dance moves and one liners. “Can’t stop, won’t stop!”

~Until next time…

Adventurous Daydreamer

P.S.: Here are some of my photo samples.



Hello 2015


Happy New Year everyone! It had been more than a minute. I’ve been busy working towards my goals, even if it’s slowly. God is good. I look forward to sharing my personal adventures with you! Stay focused.

Until the next journey…

Adventurous Daydreamer

On The Powder Keg That Is White Privilege Blended With White Guilt

I completely agree with the point made by this blogger. It is a descriptive observation and statement to how an minority may feel about voicing their American experience in a culture not accustomed to listen to the voices of the underprivileged.

The Native Son

On August 15, 2014 I left the lab to participate in Portland’s #NMOS20141. Portland held our vigil at Pioneer Courthouse Square. If you’re not familiar with Portland it’s similar to Union Square in New York. Since I really couldn’t find parking I walked into the Square towards the end of the moment of silence. There was a large circle where people of all races stood shoulder to shoulder. I did notice that about eighty percent of the crowd was Caucasians. After the moment of silence everyone came together in a large group and began telling the crowd their feelings or experiences on police brutality in regards to race.

The first thing I noticed was that most people didn’t use the bullhorn that was present so it made it kind of hard to hear most people. Shortly after I observed a middle aged white man because he had on…

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